Dog Rescue Newcastle ist eine Gruppe von Freiwilligen, die sich der Rettung von verlassenen, vernachlässigten oder missbrauchten Begleittieren widmet. Die Organisation rettet Hunde und Katzen aus dem Todestrakt bei lokalen Pfunden und bringt sie in liebevolle Pflegeheime, bis sie dauerhafte Behausungen für sie finden können.

Adoptieren, fördern, ehrenamtlich, spenden!

Für weitere Informationen und Updates:

Check out video at 0:48 to see our beautiful Chelsea, who we adopted in 2015.

It was 2015, and it was time to give our lovely german shepherd Maxi a playmate. We were looking for an older dog, similar in size and age to our boy, a rescue that was clear, we didn't care much about the breed.

By chance, we went to  an "adopt a pet" event held at our local petstock store, and there she was, standing in the room with an "adopt me" bandana around her neck. Blown away by her immaculate coat of long fine hair in different shades ranging from blonde to caramel to brown and beautiful face, we were eager to meet her.  She looked insecure, and when approached, she growled at Maxi, barked and showed us the cold shoulder. Her lovely carer Jackie said, Chelsea was a little stressed in this environment, but would be much more friendlier in a different setting. So a couple of days later, we arranged a date at the beach so the pups could get to know each other. It worked!! This time, the meeting was much more relaxed and Chelsea was quite curious and quickly started to follow Maxi around. She even initiated some play. After a few more "dates", it was clear that they were compatible, we were suitable owners and, hence, we proceeded to adopting her. Chelsea fitted straight away into her new home, it felt like she was meant to be with us. 

Chelsea enjoys going for long walks on the beach and lazing in the sun. She loves nothing more than sleeping next to us,  while we work on the business.